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I’m taking my grandma to a party my great aunt is at in two weeks. What do I do with great aunt makes tacky comments about my parents wealth?

My parents and my mom‘s parents own millions of dollars. My mom’s aunt has always been extremely jealous of this as her sister married a wealthy man. My mom is aunt is not wealthy at all though very sweet.

My parents have so much money they own two properties and move every five years. My grandmother, great aunt’s sister, married one of the wealthiest man in Ohio. She owns millions and hundreds of millions in his estate. He died four years ago.

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  • Jerry
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    Miss Manners suggests that when someone says something inappropriate we pretend we heard something else, something appropriate.

    "So I suppose your parents are too good to mow their own lawn."

    "Thanks Aunt Jane, I'll be sure to tell our landscaper, Mr. Hart, that you praised his work. He'll appreciate your complement."

    "I don't suppose you've ever set in foot in a public library; that's for poor people."

    "I agree Aunt Jane, our public libraries are a great resources for everyone in our community. I don't think anyone can do well in school without access to a good library."

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    You don't have to do anything. You simply excuse yourself and walk away...e.g., I need to refresh my drink, or visit the loo, or...go outside for a breath of air, don't respond, don't engage. Problem solved.

  • Pearl
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    just tell her you dont want to talk about it

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    You listen politely and respond by changing the subject. For instance, "Say, Auntie, what was your favorite game when you were a child?" If she insists and asks you questions, just say, "I don't want to talk about my parents' wealth. You can talk with them if you want."

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  • 2 months ago

    They "own millions of dollars"? Wrong. They HAVE millions of dollars. How old are you, and why are you posting this silly question anonymously?

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