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Are Stash, Acorn, Robinhood, and other investment/stock trading platforms good?

I'm new to this whole investing thing. I heard it's risky. But I'm wondering if any of it is worth it. I've thought about participating in it but I'm unsure about it. I would like to hear comment from people who actually used one of these platform instead of the reviewers alone. These are my questions: is it worth it; how risky is it; is it okay to have more than 1 stock trading/investment account from different platform; which one is cheaper in term of paying per month. Thank you. sorry for so many questions.

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    Dunno, Meh, now with all the discount brokers going zero commission Meh...

    I have TDAmeritrade, Schwab, Robinhood (play around money), Fidelity (for my Employee stock purchase plan) and tried out a few portfolios on M1Finance. With TDAm, Schw & Fid all going zero commission I'll probably close Robinhood as it doesn't have the same services.

    Read the Dummies guides on Investing and the one on Personal Finance before you start. Then set your financial goals, make a plan and a path to enact the plan. Invest accordingly.

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      Why the downvote...seriously, read Investing for Dummies...its good for all of the basics.

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    i would try it and see and then you'll know

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