How scary is The Joker movie?

My friend invited me to watch it and I was hearing online about how scary it is. Is it Hostile and Human Centipede 2 scary or is it just disturbing mainly? Thanks

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    I'm very sensitive to horror. I probably fall somewhere in the middle of what I can tolerate. I can't stand movies like Hostel, Saw, the Human Centipede... I will also say that this movie is not darker than the Gotham TV show, Game of Thrones, that show Rome, nor the movies: Natural Born Killers, A Clockwork Orange, Kalifornia, Hannibal, The Badlands....

    There was only one scene that I closed my eyes for, and I will say that it involves a former fellow employee. So that's as much of a heads up, as I will give you without spoilers. All the other violence is pretty typical. He shoots some guys with a gun.. I believe there is a total of 6 people in all, who he killed. I've heard John Wick killed a lot more. There was no rape scenes in this movie, nor killing of children. I wouldn't recommend this movie to children, because still, there is violence in it - it's just not as bad as a number of things that are out there.

    I think that the movie was red flagged because it fit into the media's narrative of disenfranchised white men taking to the streets (though it should be noted that the Joker could be considered an SJW depending upon how you interpret the movie). Either this, or the fact that there was an actual shooting when the movie The Dark Knight Rises was in theaters, in Aurora, Colorado (in 2012) - and they were afraid of a repeat.

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    I don’t like scary movies.  it’s not a scary movie.  It’s about the psychology of Arthur, a party clown, as he has a horrible couple of weeks and snaps.  You feel empathy and sadness for him.  Also he was abused in childhood and has no support system.  Probably the best movie I’ve ever seen.  It’s genius. The first time you see it the music can distort the scene to seem odder than it really is.  Not scary though.

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    Not scary. It is a very dark and intense movie. But it is amazing.

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  • 1 month ago

    Joker is a morbid piece of crap. The writers must be borderline insane Antifa supporters.

  • 1 month ago

    It's not scary it's more like a drama movie

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