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What are your thoughts on WWE 2K20?

It looks awful. Some of the models look nothing like the actual person. You might as well just play 2K19 and use community creations. The dialogue for Career mode is awful. For some reason, they changed the controls. They added sPoOkY characters and arenas that no one asked for. I see no reason to buy this game. 


“Learn to have some fun instead of being a negative Nancy.”

That’s rich coming from you, Grove Thing. 

Update 2:

Every single question you’ve ever asked is negative. Even your answers are negative. Are you sure you’re not Dave Hytmen? 

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    Don't really have a problem with how WWE 2k20 looks, nor have I seen any models that don't look like the wrestler they represent and I don't have a problem with the dialogue I've seen in MyCareer. DLC is suppose to be extra, that's kinda the point. Learn to have some fun instead of being a negative Nancy.

    Problems I have with WWE 2k20 is it seems like the same game-play loop, the Charlotte & Sasha Banks getting pushed to the moon showcase mode doesn't interest me and I wish they'd separate Career Mode from MyPlayer.

    So far all I've seen they added is a new control scheme which didn't seem necessary and weapon customization plus improved upon entrances.

    Edit: Do explain how have I been a negative Nancy exactly.

    You clearly aren't around much...

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