how to back up everything in google chrome browser if pc were to crash?

a couple of questions; i still use a custom built a windows 7 desktop pc which i bought back in 2015 sometime....from the stories ive heard about windows 10, i am reluctant to upgrade when the time comes...but have a plan to have windows 10 installed on a separate hard drive so i can have dual operating systems? so i can keep windows 7 rather than leave it behind..

but to the questions; if my pc were to unfortunately crash, whats the best way to back up everything in the google chrome browser, so i could transfer it to a windows 10 operating system if i had to?.....everything in google chrome like ; saved passwords for websites, bookmarks, favourites, extensions etc?

so if i had to start again from scratch in the event of a crash, i could clone the present google chrome i have, everything in it, then transfer it to a new operating system like 10? is that possible?

its just that my main browser now is google chrome and it is very important to me as there is a lot of precious data within it like -passwords, bookmarks, extensions - that i don't want to lose.

2ndly- i have audible audiobooks of lord of the rings on my present windows 7 pc, how could i copy the entire contents of the audible audiobooks over to a new operating system like windows 10?

my llord of the rings audiobooks which i purchased from audible in 2017 are also very precious to me.

any assistance valued.

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  • Rayal
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    1 month ago
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    Sign in to Chrome with your username account and Chrome will remember you on every computer you use that has been signed onto with your account.

  • 1 month ago


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