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How different is Trump's Constitution, from the US Constitution?

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    There is one Constitution.

    The common place to find the constitution under fire, is in the Media.  The amendments are where this is most common.  (2nd amendment and even the first, with hate speech laws)   They seek to rewrite it but keep in mind, this is allowed for even within the constitution.   The first ten are known as the Bill of Rights - these are amendments- to the Constitution since its enactment. The fifth article of the U.S. Constitution details the procedure for amending it.

    You're question is written like a complete troll, However, and is why America is struggling with discourse.  

       (less obv. troll way to ask your question)   "How are Trump's views attempts to bend the constitution"   Asking this, one will find on most Articles,  He has a stronger adherence than many democrats, in the house and Senate.  His attacks on something like CNN,  is where the only case could be made he "bends the 1st amendment"  I'm in the camp that no President should attack any "press" because it's set aside specifically as the second part of the First Amendment. 

        For instance, a person can legally go on youtube, and say "Terrorists are good people, I want to remove all 10 of the Bill of Rights." or anything they want.  The law won't have anyone thrown in jail, for making any statement, or for petitioning the govt. to change the existing laws.   One could say, it is also someone's right to tell all of their friends that you are an idiot,  and even the President can call you an idiot, if you make statements he sees as blatantly wrong.   

       Specifically targeting a news organization, with his off-the-cuff statements, appears to be using a position of power,   to make a "Statement of his own Bias or Distrust" whether legal or not, Trump looks terrible when he attacks the press, and could simply post the stats or evidence that shows they are incorrect,   then let independent journalists from all angles, prove or 

    disprove that news organization.

      CNN made itself an easy target, and Trump ends up looking right, even though he stepped out of bounds to get at them.  Because in the end, people are so polarized they simply look for evidence that CNN does bad reporting,   find what they want,  then forgets the "way Trump went about it".


    Source(s): I cant even get any of the sources on youtube to show up, since they blacklisted any content that isn't "pro CNN" "pro democrat" Hence the reason I'm no longer a democrat, geez, the censorship as of 10/10/2019 is mind blowing.
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    Questions are to learning. Games like this aren't conducive for this. When you decide you want to learn something, provide something more than empty attitude for your "argument".

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    We don't know. He hasn't read either one.

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    There are different versions of The Constitution.

    One says that The House can instigate impeachment proceedings and another one says that a couple of Democrats on the Intelligence Committee can do unknown things behind locked doors and call it impeachment.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If he had his own constitution, none of you libtards would be here on US soil.

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    In Trump's constitution Trump is the state.

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    Theres only one constitution

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There is no trump constitution your ******* moron

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    No difference,...but the democrats do shyte on it daily and that is documented

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    1 month ago

    Both are the same ,Democrats want to destroy it

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