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He broke up with me, need help?

My bf of 3 years has broken up with me. I'm 23 he is 24, it all started cuz of something i was going through and wanted to work, he said its better that I stayed home. said it makes no snese and that i need to take cre our baby who is 7 months. I dont make a lot of mat leave. only 326 every 2 weeks. he had two jobs and quit one out of spite, then complained about it. When we didnt have a plan in motion, he was just angry. He went on tinder, but few days later came back as if nothing happened. I got fed up as hes been doing this for 2 years now. using tinder for every disagreement. I ended up messaging an old co worker of mine who is a male, just because I wanted someone to talk to, we have always been innocent towards each other, and I was talking to him about how we will go to halloween event with our daughter on the weekend, and things like that I got his number over a year ago, but lied to my bf about it at the time because of how he would react.(he talks to females friends and clubs with them btw) Still wrong I know, and I take full responsibility on how wrong it is. He is furious, and went on tinder went partying doing god knows what until 3am with his friends. We have been broken up since a full week now. He came home and slept with me Last night, I thought maybe it meant that he was ready to stop all of this, and just let it go as we were both wrong. But he is very angry today and is just calling me names every time I try and talk about things. I need advice.

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    Let him go (in fact RUN in the opposite direction) your relationship with him is toxic.

    Go stay with your family or a friend but get out & seek the support & help to stay away & rebuild your life. You deserve better.

    He has ZERO respect for you - regardless of who is to blame, jumping on Tinder every time you disagree is no way to work on a relationship.

    You having a male friend is quite different to hooking up with whomever you please as long as it is purely a friendship.

    Do you really want your daughter growing up thinking this is normal?

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