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Help: African Dwarf Frogs?

I recently purchased two ADF's for my 10 Gal tank. It's also housing three female bettas and a little sucker fish. I uave been feeding them half squares of frozen blood worms daily and they seemed to be doing well. However, I missed yesterday's feeding which I knew was not a big deal as they can survive up to four days without food. When I arrived hime from my family gathering I noticed that one of my frogs had died. My other frog is now acting strange. He is more active in mid-day and is swimming around a bit strangely. I need to know what I can do to prevent my live ADF from dying. Idk if he is or not but any information is greatly appreciated!

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  • 1 month ago

    What species of catfish do you have in the tank?

    VERY few can live in a 10 gallon tank.

  • Nathan
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    1 month ago

    Each Betta needs 3 gallons to itself, leaving you with 1 gallon of water. African dwarf frogs need 2.5 gallons per pair, and a sucker fish needs 2 gallons. You need a 16 gallon tank at the least, bigger is better.

  • 1 month ago

    How are they acting that's differently from their usual behavior? Do you notice any discoloration of their skin or anything new growing on them? Sadly many african dwarf frogs do come with disease from pet stores and you may have to sadly go threw a few before you find the ones that will be ok in your tank. There are a few diseases they can contract, sadly most are fatal and hard to treat. Most people do have success when catching early, but it depends on what they have. If you want to go to to your local pet store and pic up a broad spectrum antibiotic make sure it's safe for frogs. Also your tank is small to be housing three female bettas. Each female betta needs at least 5 gallons of tank space just for them, as they get older you may have some territorial issues and if not amongst the female bettas then most likely amounts the sucker fish and the poor african dwarf frogs. All aquatic species you have in your tank work well together and can coexist peaceful just be careful of tank size and overpopulation, especially if you are trying to keep a female betta sority. But back to your frogs if you can try providing a clear picture of one of them and responding back to the questions above I can better help recommend a treatment. 

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