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americans supported dictators like pinochet and saddam?

both were friends of usa

both killed commies

saddam ahd oil and was attacked for oil not during first iraq war but during second ioraq war

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    Business interests are often reviewed when republic guarantee against oligarchy. Trading one for another or using crisis to guarantee business interests of specific businesses or professionals never was possible inside the states. Royalty never asks, they just do what they want and cause their perceived alliances to cooperate. No one who is American cares what persons in power believe what they are entitled to.

    So, let's go about the restoration the right way--lets start a movement to build a new office for CIA spies.

    I really like the idea of a dome aside their original building. It is fixed with some really futuristic gadgets inside it. A five story dome above and below the ground. Glass flooring at the ground level. An opening for morning and evening as well as full 360 data viewing. They're going to need it in 100 years. Pentagon is talking about space defense, and via has the countries oldest building running first in ancient American architecture.

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    What does this have to do with elections?

  • Anonymous
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    was during cold war

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