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Someone help me?

I'm German, and i've been watching a lot of videos in english since the beginning of Youtube (i'm young) but without realizing it I got the American accent because of the videos, and my british friends are offending me because of the american accent and always wanted to learn the british accent, how do i change?

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    Many actors have been trained to speak in many different accents. It helps to have an accent coach, and/or to take a couple of university classes in linguistics (specifically in phonology and phonetics) so that you can learn exactly what parts of your mouth and respiratory tract move around inside you to produce different sounds.

    Perhaps you could contact a foreign-language school in your city that teaches English and ask them if they have a course that is designed to teach you British pronunciation. (But remember, of course, that there are many different British accents, from Scottish to "R.P." to Cockney, just as in German a Viennese person speaks quite differently from a Berliner.)

  • Ivan
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    I dont understand. You sound brittish, but want to sound American?

    YouTube is not the best place. I suggest watching a variety of movies, or try watching American TV shows from the 60s. Watch old movies also.

    Why do you care what these people think?

    • Wilbert4 weeks agoReport

      No ... I'm German and i want to learn the british accent, but watching videos (vlogs, gameplay) in english i just accidentally learn and speak american accent, and my British friends are offending me because of the accent

  • God
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    Talk without moving your mouth.

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