I need speakers for a Denon AVR-S540BT and i dont know what to look for?

Ok so i got this Reciver as a christmas gift last year but i have no idea what speakers to buy. I can figure out how to set it up but i have no idea what are good speakers and what wattage balancing would be on something like this. if you guys could maybe give me some ideas and maybe suggestions i would appreciate it. thanks.

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  • 5 months ago

    Any small or medium size ("bookshelf") speakers 

    should work with almost any receiver. 

    Generally, you won't have to be concerned about power, 

    but if you want to use that information, 

    make sure ALL of the items you are comparing 

    have "RMS" or "continuous" ratings.

    Any "Peak" power figure is meaningless and Must be ignored. 

    A better criteria to use is "sensitivity", 

    which tells you how loud a speaker will be for a given input level. 

    Depending on which way you look at things, 

    a difference of 3 dB is equivalent to either doubling or halving the power;

    6 dB is significant and has a factor or divisor of four; 

    10 dB either double or halves the volume 

    and is equivalent to either ten times or one-tenth the power.


    For example, if you compare a speaker with a sensitivity of 87 dB / 1W / 1M 

    to one rated at 97 dB, the 97 dB model will sound twice as loud as the 87 dB model. 

    However, that does NOT mean that the louder one automatically sounds Better. 

    Many very good speakers are less sensitive but more Accurate, 

    or at least preferable to a specific listener, compared to some that are louder. 

    Ultimately, only You can decide which speaker sounds best to you.

    Decent speakers (something you can expect to like and use for decades) 

    cost at least $200 per cabinet, and while spending more money 

    provides no guarantee of better sound or construction, 

    it can't hurt anything if you find it gets you a model you prefer. 

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  • 5 months ago

    OK, this is a nice mid range 5.2 receiver, with 70 watts per channel when driving five speakers and 100 watts when running two. So, you don't need to spend, say, $1,000 on speakers, though you could.

    In part, what kinds of speakers (Tower floorstanding, or bookshelf type) you use will be determined by the size of room that you will use this in. A smaller room would suggest physically smaller speakers, so as not to turn the room into an echo chamber.

    Good brands include Polk, JBL, Infinity and Klipsch. There are good deals to be found onlne, such as in the Electronics section of Amazon, and on such specialized audio retailers such as Newegg.

    In floorstanding speakers, the Polk T50 model at $109 each on Amazon is a good deal. A good pair of bookshelf speakers would be the Polk TSi100 priced at $129 for the pair. And, a Polk center speaker would be the CS10, priced at $119. So, a five speaker system using the above listed models would total to $466.

    In general, a good idea is to go to some stores and listen to the speakers there, so as to be more confident that you like the sound from the speakers that you buy.

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    • ANDRE L
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      4 months agoReport

      No, a good quality sound system does not need a subwoofer. We have five audio systems in this house, and only one uses a sub. The biggest system has two floorspeakers that weigh 85 pounds each, and give amazing lows.

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