Who else is over WWE trying to make fighting Leukemia part of Roman Reigns gimmick?

Guy can't even step into the ring without commentary telling viewers on repeat how Roman Reigns beat Leukemia...like seriously if this is the only way you can get the guy over then that speaks volumes.

Also can WWE stop trying to make Roman Reigns sound like John Cena, Cena's mixed reaction was because a group of people bought into what heels said about John Cena and everyone got a giant case of selective memory whereas Roman Reigns has literally been deepthroated down the crowds collective throats and deserving got boo'ed for the pss poor booking.

Reigns has barely been in WWE for the length of a sneeze yet has already done EVERYTHING including breaking Kane's 2001 Royal Rumble record and defeating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Literally no reason for the guy to even wrestle anymore, he's done it all...


Additionally what was Dean Ambrose's problem with being a heel and doing a promo on Roman Reigns cancer, that's literally what heels are suppose to do but I guess Ambrose would rather not get heat from the crowd because Reigns and Ambrose are friends behind the scenes. That right there proves why Ambrose is overrated.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I agree. They really need to ease up on Roman Reigns’ recent bout with cancer. I’m happy that he beat it but you don’t have to remind me every time he’s on camera. 

    I don’t really blame Dean for refusing to say that. Cancer is a scary thing to go through. To see one of your best friends battle cancer is tough. He just didn’t want to use his friend’s illness as a way to get heat. I’d probably be uncomfortable to do that too. 

    • In wrestling you put practically everything behind you when it comes to being a heel, if you can't handle it then get out of the business.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Professional Wrestling is and has been a

    show and entertainment device. Accept

    for some time during the 1950's. People

    actually died in those matches during that

    period of time. Today it is all high risk

    acrobatics. Great athletes giving themselves

    up for fake belts and showmanship.

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