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How did dogs become friendly to humans over time?

It is said the primitive dogs weren't friendly with humans

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    Sometimes in a pack, there was one that became an outcast. When this happened, they tended to look for other sources of food mainly - and warmth. Coupled with that, humans gradually realised that these wild dogs could be useful and so developed the hunting, and protecting breeds, briefly.

    Google is your friend.

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    Humans probably kidnapped pups and raised them for reasons unknown. Maybe they stole them to be eaten later but grew attached to the more playful, affectionate ones. The more docile pups were allowed to live and breed and passed on their docile genes. Having a steady supply of food helped to solidify early domesticated dogs' loyalty to humans.

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    Primitive dogs were Wolves & mankind started creating domestic dogs that they bred from the Wolves.

    Google the history of domestic dogs.

    Cavemen made friends with the wolves by throwing food out to them. Once the wolves lost the fear of the Cavemen they hung around.

    It is interesting to learn this.

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    Dogs hung around humans and scavenged the left over food they ate, started to go out on hunts and were able to get the left overs from a humans were useful for dogs who took the opportunity to scavenge from them and it also stopped wild animals coming into their camp as the dogs cleaned up after them ( also stopped rodents) or gave the humans warning as the dogs a useful pairing for both dog and human

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