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What would cause this first time exercising in years ?

I haven’t worked out at all since college 10 years ago. I have 2 kids now. I decided to go back to the gym and started in a class with all free weights because I heard they were better for toning and building muscle. I could not hold the weights straight. I was flopping all over the place couldn’t keep my arms straight it was so embarrassing!!! What would cause this? Just being out of shape?

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    Part is being out of shape since its been 10 years, and part is age. Our muscles change as we age, they unfortunately get weaker. So attempting a workout you had no problem with 10 years ago suddenly seems difficult. Probably best to start with some easy does it yoga until you build up a little muscle, then go easy with some light weights until you gain more strength, keeping in mind you may never again attain the level you were before, but can still be fit. Best of luck!

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    It’s called spaghetti-itis and it is common in those without bones.

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    Maybe you're lifting too much weight for your current level of strength? Most gyms have personal trainers who can help and a lot of gyms will give one free consultation.

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    Being out of shape.  Two things are probably involved:

    1.  Your muscles are weak.  When you hold a weight out in front or to the side of your body, the movement requires muscles from your hands, wrist, lower arm, upper arm, shoulders, core, and back.  Any of those that are weak will make it difficult to hold the weight.  The best option is to decrease the weight or go without a weight at all and just work through the exercises.  Keep at it and you'll get stronger.

    2.  When we don't use and stretch our muscles they contract and get "shorter."  Doing a stretching routine or yoga is a great way to return flexibility and range of motion.

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    There are some muscles that contract a joint like curling your arm to "make a muscle." Others contract by tightening around the body part, like when you suck in your gut. The tightening gut sucker (transverse band) is an isometric muscle. These are all over your body and keep things like holding weights, walking straight, holding your leg up; any holding is this at work.

    While most of us curl our biceps, we don't focus much on working out our stabilizers. That's the world of ballet, Pillates, and the sometimes awkward stuff you see people do standing on rubber balls while swinging this or that around.

    Being out of shape yes, but yes also having kids will distend (loosen) the isometric stabilizers in the core such as the transverse band which helps us to not stand while leaning at a 45 degree angle. You did work it out after the births when you started walking regularly again but only to support the weight of your upper body. The added weight of the barbell was too much for you just now and that's OK. Bring it up with the instructor and/or choose a lighter barbell.

    I fully, truly and wholeheartedly encourage women to kick butt with heavy weights at the gym, both men and women who don't have the body awareness of how to turn on the right muscles would benefit from advanced training, yes at age 32 with 2 kids. That means an often somewhat costly yoga or dance course. Then take what you learn to lift heavy-*** weights. Yeah buddy.

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    Start small, and work your way up. That is the advice I wish my Grand daddy Matt would have told me

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