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Suggest me the movies in which there are young boy and girl and they meat after a long gap of time about 5, 10 years.?


OR movies happened in childhood and then there is a long gap of time and then they meat each other as adult or mature age...?

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    Braveheart. William Wallace and Muriel meet as children, William had to move away however. He returns to the village as an adult, and meets Muriel all over again.

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    Grosse Point Blank - HS sweethearts reunite at 10 year reunion, he disappeared into the life of a hitman.

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    Just Friends (with Ryan Reynolds. Boy and girl meet after some years. It's hilarious!)

    Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (Two friends have remained together after HS graduation, but they attend their 10 year reunion and meet former classmates)

    Now and Then (a group of pre-teen friends meet years later as adults)

    Beaches (two little girls meet and remain in touch through letters, meeting again as adults and become friends for life)

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    There's Something about Mary?

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