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Do puppies need flu shots?

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    Specifically no. Puppies need external vaccination against the basic diseases that a dog can pick up and this should be started by 8 weeks, the point at which any natural immunity taken from mum's first milk (colostrum) should have dropped away. We left vaccinating our litters until they were 10 weeks, to be certain the external vaccination would take. If by chance, the puppies didn't receive mum's first milk, vets will give an interim vaccination against Parvo and Leptovirus at around 6 weeks, followed by the full set later on. Natural immunity starts to drop away by around 5 weeks, after which age the puppies become increasingly vulnerable so great care must be taken to make sure they don't come into contact with any strange dogs.

    Here in the UK, I'm not aware that puppies need flu shots. Kennel Cough yep.

    Once puppies have had their puppy shots, followed by a booster 12 months later, they should be able to move onto having boosters every 3 years, apart from the one for Lepto, which dips over a 12 month period and needs annual boostering.

    Talk to your vet about what your puppy needs, as it applies to local diseases.

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    no, they need puppy shots. & you start them as soon as you get your puppy. A series of three shots spaced two to three weeks apart. Pup cannot be taken out into the public until it has finished all of the three shots. Pup will be 16 to 17 weeks old before you can take it anywhere but the Vets for shots & do not let the puppy touch or smell anything at the Vets. Sick dogs are at Vet office & you don't want you pup exposed to some of the ailments other dogs come in with.

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      ..... or in the case of the UK, two sets, usually 2 weeks apart although some vets prefer to leave 3 weeks.

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    Yes they do, i am already vaccine my iguana.

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    Yes you will need to take your puppy to the vet within 10 weeks

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    Yes. The vaccine must be given twice initially with a two-week break, then annually thereafter. Dog flu is no joke

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    There is a specific canine flu (more serious than kennel cough) that ebbs & flows thru the dog population. I would suggest you consult your vet for advice on this matter. (It is NOT a core vaccine.)

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