how do washing machines work?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    They clean your clothes using soap and water.

  • elhigh
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    4 weeks ago

    They work great.

    Top load washer:

    Clothes go into a basket. The basket is inside a tub. Don't worry that it doesn't look like a basket, that's what we call it. It's full of holes so water in the tub can get through it to the clothes. The tub is mounted so it holds still (more or less) but the basket can turn inside the tub.

    There's a shaft that goes up through the bottom of the tub, through a seal that keeps the water in but lets the shaft turn. The shaft is connected to the agitator in the middle of the basket, and also to the basket itself.

    Water is let into the tub through valves that are controlled by the timer. The timer is mechanical, driven by a motor (older machines) or completely electronic and digitally controlled (newer ones). When there's sufficient water in the tub, the agitator sloshes the clothes and water back and forth and that pushes detergent through the clothes, rubbing them together and jostling the contaminants out of the clothes.

    Water is let out through another valve and the basket is spun to force even more water out of the clothes.

    Water is let back in for rinsing excess detergent out of the clothes.

    Drain again, spin again - this time longer.

    Cycle's done. Time for the dryer.

    Front load washer:

    Clothes go in. Shut the door and the washer will lock the door.

    Water is let in through valves like before. The basket turns back and forth to agitate the clothes. There is no agitator like in a top loader, so even though the basket might be a bit smaller, front loaders often can hold and wash more clothes.

    The front load washer will go through wash-spin-rinse-spin cycles like the top loader will.

    At the last spin cycle, the drain valve opens like before, the dirty water is pumped out and the basket is spun up to drive out the water. The last spin cycle goes longer to ensure as much water is driven out as possible, and once again it's time for the dryer.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I give my girlfriend dirty clothes and a couple hours later she gives me clean clothes. It's a mystery.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Washing machines are very dishonest pieces of machinery. Sure they'll wash your clothes, but in return they end up stealing your socks and never returning them.

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