Do you think i should work in china or stay with my girlfriend?


My girlfriend is Cambodian and I have been with her for over three years. I was offered a position in China which was somewhere I have always wanted to work. China is actually my second favorite nation in the world. Russia is my first. I have little interest in living in Cambodia where my girlfriend is. I even put more effort into learning Mandarin and Russian than I do Khmer. The last two times i worked in China I had to end the job because she had money problems she needed me to fix.

Update 2:

I had a job that paid about 2500 per month which included housing. I left it after my girlfriend said she was unable to pay her rent because she quit her job due to there being too many Nigerians hitting on her at work which was a nightclub. I was giving her an allowance before and told her she should keep her job until i got settled and after she should work on her shop. She quit three days after I arrived in Shenyang.

Update 3:

This is a similar instance on how my first job in China ended. My girlfriend is pain in the butt as she expects me to pay her rent and bills as this is Cambodian culture according to her. Honestly i should have tried to meet Chinese girls because at least if I met her parents I could talk to them if they spoke Mandarin or Uyghur. My girlfriend gets angry at me whenever I speak Mandarin. I enjoy speaking Mandarin as I like the sound.

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  • 2 months ago
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    She sounds to mooch off you financially, and personally i wouldnt stay with someone like that. As you seen to love China, and assuming your job there is 1. secure 2. financially great 3. safe, then i think you should seriously consider it. Your girlfriend is the only thing holding you in Cambodia, and unelss you think you two will get married in the near future, i think you should go.

  • rick
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    2 months ago

    China offers more money, security, and room for advancement. GFs are easy to replace, no matter where you are. Most replacements seem to be an upgrade from the old one, too. A career is often a once in a lifetime opportunity. GFs are replaceable and almost expendable.

  • 2 months ago

    Stay with your GF China is a sh ithole.

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