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Too many citizens are dying because police prematurely discharge their firearms for no apparent reason. Put electronic locks on their guns.?

The officer should have to call his supervisor to remotely unlock his gun with a electronic device, but only after the supervisor verifies the severity of the situation to ensure it warrants discharge of a firearm, said supervisor must check the footage through the officers body cam through live feed to verify his claims, then and only then should he unlock the officers gun.

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    All you would have to do is make every cop wear a body camera on duty, and that film is PUBLIC PROPERTY which MUST be given to any citizen on demand within 72 hours

    All your suggestion would accomplish is cops would simply drive AWAY from danger.

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    That's impractical. Police officers can face life and death situations that can change in a matter of moments. At best, you would encounter situation where officers got their guns unlocked while entering a potential situation. We would then end up with the same sort of results.

    Instead, we need to change police Doctrine on use of force. We need to train officers better and now to use force and when they should use it. We should also emphasize deconfliction and perhaps waiting a little longer before using Force

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    Put electronic locks on the criminals guns. The crook should have to call the police supervisor before they can discharge their weapon at a convenience store owner, or the other drug dealer.

    Much more effective, and just as "practical".

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    lol - not. That would result in dead cops. The police should just stay away.

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    Thiss has more to do with the Mentality of Policy Writers.. They Write in order to reduce any type of harm to officers.

    In Some other jurisdictions/Countries the safety of the officer doesn't matter at all! Ndd So, They will write Policy That will reduce Liability and any type of Suit against The State. The safety and/or well being of the officer doesn't matter as they see that they can always hire new ones.

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    Step 1. Stop spending so much time on nonviolent crime and non-reckless speeding. Focus on actually protecting people.

    Step 2. Fire half the force.

    Congrats, you no longer have trashy uneducated dropouts handling sensitive situations.

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    Such a system could not work, police have certainly made mistakes (a few probably not mistakes) but in the real world Police have to deal with very dangerous people, waiting for something like this would get a lot of policemen killed. While the media make much black deaths, 144 police died in the line of duty in 2018.

    • Police doesn't COME CLOSE to top ten most dangerous jobs in America. Pizza delivery is more dangerous.

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    Stop pushing liberal agendas and police will not kill

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    No, what is needed is training.

    The vast majority of situations that call for deadly force from police happens in the blink of an eye. An ordinary traffic stop can turn into a shootout in a split second.

    You cannot expect officers to ask permission which could take minutes when seconds will determine whether they live or die.

    Back to the drawing board skippy.

    Need proof? Check out the youtube channel I linked. Be warned some of the videos are graphic.

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    Sometimes , someone comes up with an idea that makes you wonder how they could ever have thought it worth bringing into the light of day .

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