Why can't white people accept the fact that they made africa poor by slavery and colonization so it is not black people's fault?


you have been reported to the fbi

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@Anonymous user: I hope the fbi puts you in jail with blacks

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    Sadly racists have a range of excuses they cling to, like pretending it didn’t happen or blaming other black people, I note none even tried to address the issue of the colonial period when wealth was striped out of Africa, India and China. Tea, rubber, sugar. The gold that gives the West a good deal of it wealth still sits in the gold reserves of the western world.

    The other retort is usually the U.S didn’t participate, sorry that’s not true hundreds of thousands of slaves built the US economy particularly in the South. I think it’s a pretty sad display of racism to suggest “send them back to Africa” when many of their ancestors have been in the US longer than a good portion of the white population, maybe these racists should go back to Europe.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Africa had some very advanced civilizations and several of them became the primary providers of people for shipment to several places in the world.

    For what it is worth, Argentina was the major market for the product and Brazil was right up there too with more slaves being delivered there then to north America.

    If the secret to economic success was because of slave ownership- then the USA should be economically inferior to Argentina and/or Brazil.

    Africa like it or not had a better value system by most of its population. They lived closer to the land, just like the native Americans (Indians to some). But the greed of the white man became the norm. I would put to you that the USA is poorer in areas that count then many nations in what many consider "Third World Nations". That when it comes to things of great value, those third world nations are actually first world nations.

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    Ummm. How did taking people away from Africa as slaves make it poorer? And if you care to get the facts you will see that almost without exception the former European colonies are worse off since they have become independent. But you probably don't care about the facts.

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    In order to avoid sounding stupid for a lifetime

    you should research the Asian Slave Triangle.

    Asia, Africa and Europe have been trading slaves

    for commodities for 11,000 years. It only stopped

    a little over a century ago.

    Black men who owned slaves in Africa sold them

    to Asians and Europeans for either cash or other


    America only became involved a few hundred

    years ago.

    You see d|ck, Blacks were only turned into slaves

    because the Black Man made them slaves.

    I’ll bet you didn’t even know that Black men owned

    Black slaves in America, did you?

    Yeah keep being stupidly angry at Whites of the

    past and ignoring that your Black ‘brothers’ of the

    past fvcked you over.

    What a knucklehead.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You're a stupid azz, you need to stfu like the nothing you are. K thx

  • 1 month ago

    It's been about 60 years since African countries (all but one) have had self-rule.

    They are in worse shape now than when they were colonies.

    When the US gained it's independence, it got better after independence, not worse.

    • Uncle Pennybags
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      I confess my knowledge of Africa is less than perfect, but I do know that American history consists of just more than slavery. A lot more. Folks like you simply can't get past it. YES America improved after our revolution. A lot!

  • 1 month ago

    Africans can always go back

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I really hate people like you. Pumping out such horse sh*t rooted entirely in ignorance and historical incompetence.

    And I'm not even White, I'm Mexican. But it doesn't take a White person to see your garbage for the cess pool it is not unlike your very existence. It's like, why do you even bother coming onto this site if all you're gonna do is spout nonsense?

    Africans were enslaving Africans long before settlements in the US. And guess WHAT dipsh*t?

    That same slavery element continued in Africa long after the 1864 abolition of slavery in the US.

    It p1sses me off that people as incredibly stupid and ignorant as you are, are allowed to speak at all. Personally I would use a razor to slice out your vocal chords and maybe induce a lobotomy while I'm at it. Trust me, the "before" you wasn't worth sh*t either.

  • Rowan
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    1 month ago

    I accept that, I don't really know how you could argue against that. Maybe there was a slight advantage with better technology but that gap was made much larger through violent conquest, slavery, unfair trading practices, monopolies, etc. It's the same as what's going on in 90% of the world, if not 99% of the people, including white people. 

  • 1 month ago

    White peoplea re in denial

    • yeah please... black people beinng the primitive assholes they are always looking for the easy way out

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