Why do Trump-haters think Trump voters were conned?

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How exactly were we conned?

Trump campaigned on tax cuts, regulation repeal, bringing back manufacturing jobs, fighting illegal immigration and building a wall, renegotiating better trade deals, taking on China's unfair trade, insisting our military allies do their fair share, bringing our troops home from the endless wars and healthcare reform.

And Trump has been either accomplishing these things are fighting like hell for them despite massive resistance from Democrats, the media and the Deep State.

The only one of these things I could be disappointed in is that Trump put forward a piss poor healthcare reform plan and it was shot down and he shelved it. But on all the rest, he's either done it, it's in progress, or fought hard for it.

So where is the Con?

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  • 1 month ago

    They are blinded by irrationality due to their hatred of losing the 2016 election. It's only going to get worse when they lose the House in 2020.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It's a refrain which we hear not from Trump haters of loan, but also from Trump supporters who feel that they've been let down by the president.

    One way in which you guys were conned was in the notion that Trump was going to drain the swamp. Instead, he has presided over the single most corrupt Administration in American history.

    Another way in which you were conned was the assertion by Trump that he would be for the average American and against the Elites. In reality, his administration is focused almost entirely on defending the power of Elites in the economy

  • 1 month ago


    Yeah, 14% for firms [permanent] and

    1% for individuals [expires 2025]

    Wow, I’m thrilled.


    Great, our environment is now more polluted.

    Jumping with joy.


    You didn’t hear?

    Coal mining jobs in 2009: 78,000

    Coal mining jobs in 2018: 59,000




    Obama deported more illegals with felonies

    Trump deported more illegals with no record.

    Well now, isn’t that progress?


    I thought China was going to pay for it. Why

    is he trying to STEAL taxpayer money for it?

    I guess you didn’t hear. Supreme Court ruled

    this week that Bozo cannot re-allocate state-

    apportioned funds (by Congress) for his wall.


    Bozo HAS NOT renegotiated ‘better’ trade deals.

    USMCA isn’t even signed yet.


    So what if Bozo is “taking on” China? China told

    Bozo to kiss their azz. US farmers suffered and

    we have an exaggerated level of farmer bank-

    ruptcies during the Bozo administration.

    As rhetoric, taking on China is wonderful. As

    reality, we have an idiot enacting it and doing

    the US nothing but harm.


    What I’m hearing is that many republicans are

    scolding Bozo for abandoning our allies who

    helped us beat ISIS and that this shall make our

    ‘allies’ and, more importantly, potential allies less

    inclined to cooperate with us in the future. (But

    really, you wouldn’t put an act of back-stabbing

    out of Bozo’s playbook now, would you?)


    Nothing is ‘in progress’ with Bozo.

    It is instead in turmoil. Endless posturing and

    trouble-making to make you think that he is

    accomplishing something when, in fact, he is

    accomplishing nothing.


    I sure hope that if a democrat becomes president

    in 2020 and if he does as poor a job as Bozo that,

    I don’t end up supporting as a partisan him like

    today’s Bozo Supporters are doing..


    I don’t know that you were really conned much.

    He conveyed his feelings of hatred toward Hispanics

    and muslims and upon becoming president he fueled

    that hatred even more – so in this respect he gave

    you what you wanted.

    He told you of a ‘booming economy’ but fewer jobs

    have been created per month during Bozo (in com-

    parison to Obama) and our population is growing so,

    in fact, more people are unemployed.

    Sorry, I just don’t trust this declared 3.5% unemployment

    rate from last month. It shall likely be revised in less than

    a year just like his job creation number was revised down-

    ward by 500,000 recently. Typical Bozo con-artistry.

    Bozo never said that repealing regulations would be

    good for the environment so he didn’t really con you.

    He said it would create jobs however and, yes, he

    conned you.

    He promised Mexico would pay for his wall and now he

    is trying to make you pay for it. But I don’t really see this

    as much of a con because you don’t mind paying for it


  • 1 month ago

    They are blinded by their hate and can't see the facts.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    cause they cant admit that anyone would vote republican any other way.

  • 1 month ago

    You been conned into voting for a criminal

  • 1 month ago

    Like all cons, it relies on convincing the mark that they haven't been conned.

    Three-card monte, anyone?

    • Uncle Pennybags
      Lv 7
      1 month agoReport

      So here's your chance. Convince me. We both saw what Trump campaigned on and we've seen what he's delivered and is fighting for. How were we conned?

  • 1 month ago

    Because he hasn't actually done any of those things. He's a huge liar and massively willfully ignorant and utterly incompetent. Just like his sheep.

    • Uncle Pennybags
      Lv 7
      1 month agoReport

      Uh...yeah he has. Just google it. Over 500k new manufacturing jobs since he took office. New trade deals negotiated with Mexico, Canada, Japan, EU and South Korea. Wall (30 foot fence) currently being built.

  • 1 month ago

    They genuinely have a hard time believing that people could disagree with them about policy so they assume anyone who votes differently from them was "conned".

  • all whites are racist, at least trump supporters admit they are racist

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