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Shotguns vs Rifles? What are the differences and similarities between a shotgun and a rifle? No answers needed after 10/14/2019. Thanks.?

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    Yes there are similarities and differences between a shotgun and a rifle.

    Hopefully you can buy what you desire and be happy with your purchase.

    Learn the differences between the two and how to avoid accidents within

    your realm of knowledge and education of the two. Appreciate what you learn

    and stay focused. I hope I have helped you with my knowledge.

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    (1) Both are considered long-guns and have shoulder stocks

    (2) Can be legally purchased by persons 18 years of age


    (1) Shotguns are smoothbore and the diameter of the bore is measured by gauge (how many round balls of lead -- when collectively counted will fit in the bore and collectively weigh one pound. Rifle bore diameter is referred to as its "caliber" and is directly measured in fractions of an inch or millimeters

    (2) Shotguns have a smooth bore. Rifles have rifling cut into the wall of the barrel that behaves to stabilize a bullet in flight--thereby increasing the probability that the projectile will strike in proximity of where the barrel is aimed.

    (3) Shotgun shells (non-slug) consist of many small projectiles called "shot". The shot and the powder charge are encased in a plastic shell (older ones were paper). Rifles shoot cartridges which consist of a powder charge and bullet integrally held in a brass case.


    (1) Shotguns are typically used on smaller animals on the move (birds, small mammals) at ranges under 60 yards. Rifles are much more specialized for hunting, although many have universal applications. Rifles are capable of producing humane kills at much further distances on a wide variety of game animals

    (2) Shotgun slugs can be used to hunt larger animals, just as rifle cartridges can. The newer sabot slugs enable shotguns to reach much further than conventional Foster slugs. At very close range, a large bore shotgun slug is as lethal as a magnum rifle cartridge on large species of game animals

    (3) Rifles have somewhat more specialized purposes and cannot be used on birds in flight. Shotguns are a bit more useful for general hunting of smaller animals and birds.

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    Rifle barrels have rifling... shotgun bores are smooth.(as a rule)

    Both are long guns by legal definition.

    Both can be legally purchased by 18 year old person.

    Legal barrel lengths are different...shotgun is 18" min...rifle is 16" min.

    Shotguns are described by gauge...rifles by caliber(commonly)

    Large bore shotguns kick like a mule.

    Large caliber rifles kick like a horse.

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    They both fire using the firing pin by pulling the trigger. A rifle has a single bullet,a shotgun has many pellets.

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