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What could be I do differently with my guinea pigs? ?

I have a few questions about my guinea pigs. They are around 4-5 years old. 

As a disclaimer, I neglected them. I admit it. I was not a good pet owner for a while. I did my research when I got them but I got lazy and started having some issues. It’s no excuse, I began having lots of mental issues. A lot of stuff started coming up.  I’m ashamed to admit that it has been a long time  since they were treated as they should be but I am working on changing. They are treated far better now and I can see a difference in them. Never again will I allow myself to neglect them. I say all that because some of these questions will seem like easy beginner questions. 


I want to make their cage a bit more interactive and fun for them. Do y’all have any suggestions on some toys or chews that could be fun to put in their cage? 

What do y’all feed them on a daily basis? They were getting sick often and have gotten sick again. I figured it must be the food we are feeding so we got different veggies and romaine instead of just the boxes lettuce we were feeding them. We also have pellets and hay. 

Do y’all free feed pellets or do you stick to scheduled pellet feedings? 

They also have white powder around the cage and in their urine. That is an excess of calcium, correct? Can you guys recommend healthy daily veggie meals and food ideas so I can get them as healthy as possible? 

Please be kind. I know what I did was wrong and They are treated far better now. 

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  • Nathan
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    1 month ago

    Guinea pigs need a minimum of 6 square feet each, but providing more room is ideal. They benefit from toys like tunnels/tubes as Well as ones they can toss around. ErinsArk has great videos on their care and how to make it more interactive/fun. One cup of pellets and a bowl of vegetables (cabbage, lettuce, carrots, romaine) being fed to them two times a day is ideal (though the amount they need varies on size. They need a constant supply of a high quality hay - like Timothy Hay.

    I suggest making sure they are vaccinated to prevent illnesses, and keeping their enclosures clean - you can litter train them to keep the mess contained to a few areas. Wheels or balls are very dangerous as guinea pigs can not bend their back, so ignore what the 'Smith' person said.

    I am very happy that you admit to your mistakes, and are trying to care for them.

    • defend liberty
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      Yes. Google it and you will see that site after site, including vets, say that guinea pigs do NOT need or get vaccinations. I've attached a screen shot in my answer.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Extra space and those ferris wheels might help. Nutritionally rich carrots, peas, and peppers are also good.

    • Nathan
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      Ferris wheels are awful. Guinea pigs can't bend their backs without pain and damage, so putting them in something that curves it will lead to spinal damage and a shorter life span.

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