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Do I really need my two impacted wisdom teeth out even if they don't hurt?

I'm a 25-year-old woman and I have 2 upper wisdom teeth.

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    If there is no pain, let them be.

    Pulling Wisdom Teeth has been a money maker for Dentists since forever.

    Many will pull them just for the sake of it.

    No problem, no need to spend the money.

    Make your DDS give you good reason for their removal.

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    If the wisdom teeth are misaligned, angled inward, outward, away from or towards the second molars, or positioned horizontally, they can crowd the adjacent teeth and damage them or the jawbone. They have to be removed.

    More details here:

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    Get oral surgeon not a reg dentist....big difference n maybe yes

  • 1 month ago

    Get a recommendation/advice from your dentist and an oral surgeon.

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  • Let me say this , I had one wisdom tooth and it was impacted and didn’t hurt . But let me tell you when I got it pulled my mouth felt lighter and it felt so good to have them out in the long run. Wisdom teeth you don’t need in this day and age you needed them 500 years ago for cutting raw meat but with soft food there not necessary and from my experience it felt really good to actually get it removed I’m 24 btw . I’d say do it best for long term !

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    Ask your dentist what'll happen if you don't have them taken out. It could be that over a period of years they could really mess up your other teeth and cause all sorts of problems. Or maybe it's totally benign. The answer is different for different people, and only a dentist would have your x-rays and the knowledge of how to interpret them and advise you.

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