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Can bitcoin be over 100,000 dollars?

I have 2 bitcoins now. I need to buy a house and go to college. I really hope it happens in 3 years.

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    Sure, it could be. It could also become totally worthless. Good luck with that.

    Buying cryptocurrency for any reason other than actually using it to make purchases with is not "investing," it's "speculating," or in less fancy language, "gambling." And it's a lot less fun than actually going to Vegas.

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    You're dreaming. Better work on a plan B to pay for them.

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    No, it will never go that high, It might reach to 20k in a few years, that's when I would cash in if it doesn't then cash it while you still can.

    You should not rely on gambling to get rich because it won't happen. you have the opportunity to get some good cash with those coins so be smart and choose a point to cash in instead of waiting forever until it's worth nothing.

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