In what American state is a person legally allowed to challenge another in a fist fight?

I saw it happen in a YouTube video where the police were involved but they stepped back to let the legal fist/kicking fight happen.

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    ....I am a retired police officer. I retired as a sergeant, after 29 years, from a very large department, about 12,000 officers. I was a patrol officer for 4 years in a very diverse area. I was a tactical officer in the high rise project areas of my city. We called it vertical patrol in that we walked the the stairways of the high rises most of the time. I did that for 5 years and was promoted by test to detective. I worked violent crime (homicide, sex, officer involved shootings, robbery, kidnapping, serious non property incidents) for 11 years until I was promoted to sergeant. I worked as a street supervisor, a bicycle patrol supervisor and a desk sergeant/watch commander.

    During my time as a tactical officer and a detective I was a unit representative for the police union.

    I have a B.A in English and an M.S. in Law Enforcement Administration....

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    There are no states where this is legal.

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    In all US states you can have a fist-fight with a

    person who consents to it for amusement.

    However, if the fist-fight is not overseen by a

    professional with medical experience and if a

    permit has not been obtained then, if you

    cause injury or death to the other person you

    can be held responsible for the injury of death

    and you can even go to prison for manslaughter

    in the case of death.

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