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I don't know how I feel about weed?

I always get really anxious when someone is smoking weed around me. Especially my boyfriend. And it's strange because I don't know what exactly this anxiety is. If he offers me it I will try it and sometimes I get ideas in my mind of trying weed on my own. But its like when I see him smoking it I feel really bad. I haven't had any good experiences with weed, more bad actually. And I think maybe I'm feeling peer pressure from everyone around me doing it and enjoying it and i'm the only one that isn't?? I'm really conflicted on my emotions on this, I can't figure it out

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    Not everybody enjoys it.  That's ok.  I've also seen a lot of inexperienced users smoke more than they should and cause themselves to have a bad experience.  It's easy to do when you're young and somewhat carefree.  Different strains of weed can cause different types of highs as well. If you really want to figure out how you feel about it you'll have to open up your experiences (and education) with it a little more.  You should try it on your own a few times.  In small doses you'll be surprised how different it can be. 

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    Low thinking attracts low spirits. The negative vibration can be felt by many people. Those who are very sensitive can see the negative and the higher spirits. I knew a lady years ago who could see the evil spirits which caused diseases in people, no joke.

      Drugs and alcohol attract negative spirits, as the person leaves their body when the substance drives them out, leaving them feel disconnected or dizzy, even passing out. Drugs and alcohol suspends a person by force, like a poison, and low spirits take advantage of this, taking over a person's body and their energy to some degree.

      There are many people who end up in asylums because of this very problem.

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    You should feel bad because we do not know the dangers.

    Do not even smoke it.

    One joint equals 10 cigarettes.

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    Weed stirs up the fright centers in many users brains,especially developing ones.

    Weed lovers argue that marijuana reduces anxiety & depression,but in some users it actually exacerbates it

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    By no means is weed healthy for the average person, despite the fact it can relax some people without getting them addicted. In general, it's just one more thing that can addict you, along with alcohol, gambling, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, and all the other things that are out there waiting for you.

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    Its not for everyone. If you don't like it, then don't do it.

    You'll find much better employment if you don't.

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