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What's wrong with my hearing?

Ok so one day in February 2018, for unknown reason I experienced very loud ringing in my ear that lasted for weeks. It went away but I started to get severe headaches for a while. In July 2018, these problems went away but I discovered everything sounded like it was from a poor radio reception. Things didn't sound as loud as before and I had great difficulty hearing my mother's voice. I didn't like listening to music anymore. The traffic outside my bedroom window went from pleasant and adequate volume to muffled and annoying. I went to an audiologist and had an mri where they discovered I suffered mild brain trauma and severe damage to my auditory nerve. I also had moderate hearing loss even though a hearing test about 5 months before the ringing showed no hearing loss. I was given hearing aids which help me hear things like my mother, but sounds I loved before like music, cats meowing, traffic, rainfall, loud parties, dont seem enjoyable anymore. Most are just bland with some even being quite annoying. What happened to my ears? I been seeing audiologists for over a year and none can determine what caused the brain trauma or the nerve damage.

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