Do I have a legitimate case for Wrongful Termination?

I was recently terminated as an assistant manager by our HR department.

The official reason for my termination was for not reprimanding an hourly employee who had misused or ADP time clock system (they had a coworker punch them out).

After learning about the infraction, I discussed with my superior, the General Manager, and we decided not to officially reprimand the employee because we knew they would be terminated as a result.  Instead, we both spoke with employee separately, and verbally reprimanded, but did not submit any official write up.

After this incident was found out by HR, my General Manager received a write up, and I was terminated.  I had one other write up on my record for an unrelated previous infraction.

My argument is that, as an Assistant Manager, the decision to write up or terminate an employee was not up to me, it would be up to my General Manager.  My role was to support my General Manager.  

Had he decided not to officially reprimand an employee, I would be going behind his back had I pursued anything further than I did.

Do i have a legitimate case for wrongful termination?

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    No, you do not. They can fire you at any time, for any or no reason.

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    Do I have a legitimate case for Wrongful Termination?

    NO. Even if every word of your BS was 100% true, it doesn't come anywhere close to a legitimate case.

    My argument is that, as an Assistant Manager, the decision to write up or terminate an employee was not up to me

    The fact you even TALKED to the GM instead of following policy and formally reprimanding the employee is sufficient grounds to terminate you from your FORMER management position.

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    No. I agree with StephenWeinstein's answer.

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    No. Wrongful termination means termination for an illegal reason, such as race, religion, gender, national guard service, pregnancy, etc. You don't have a case based on simple unfairness, or that the decision was wrong (but not for prohibited reasons) or even that you were selected at random to be fired without a reason.

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    Not in most of the states in the US. You may still be eligible for unemployment. Unlike most of Europe, American workers have few rights and the most expensive healthcare, if they do get healthcare.

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