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Why does everyone cry Nazi now?

The right used to get mad at the left for it, but these dumb bastards are doing it too now. Simultaneously, they say that Hillary slandering Trump supporters is why she lost. Why are you idiots being the SJWs that you despise?

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    a) Everyone, or at least the majority of people, misuse the word "Nazi". A Nazi is/was a German or Austrian fascist between 1924 and 1945 along with those that fled to Spain and South America to avoid prosecution for War Crimes. Others were given sanctuary in the US to work as scientists (Von Brain and the rocket/space program) or to work for the CIA and FBI spying on fellow countrymen.

    b) What many people call "Nazi" are actually fascists, and can have numerous names depending on country. Spanish fascists are "Falangists" while Croatian fascists were/are the USTASHI. Here in Australia we have a number of fascist and neo-fascist parties all with different names -- Australia First, Pauline Hansen's "One Nation" etc. In America there have been, and still are, well over 35 fascist parties.

    c) Many people, especially in the US, do not understand what a fascist is. Many call fascists, especially the former NAZI Party, as socialist because it had the word "socialist" in its name -- to bring in supporters. All fascists are opposed to socialism and communism as fascism ALWAYS has capitalism as its economic base.

    Edit -- People should learn the difference between Fascism which is a political system, and ALWAYS with capitalism as its economic base.

    Socialism is a socio-economic system and the TRANSITIONAL phase between capitalism and communism, and takes a very long time to achieve. People should also learn the CORRECT definition of socialism and not use any of the highly inaccurate definitions we frequently see used here. Many use a part definition of communism, leaving out the "distribution and exchange" aspects. Government control of the means of production come in the mid to latter part of socialism and after many years.

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      State Capitalism IS socialism. It puts the means of production in the hands of the state. The only twist is that businesses operate on profit/loss principals.

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    1 month ago

    Obama ruined America.

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    They hate reality. Life sux big time for then, which is why tbey enjoy living vicariously through disrespectful irresponsible bully Gump. Lots of shame/anger

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      Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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    Hypocrites !

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