As a lgbt person should I stay home to feel save from hateful people ?

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  • polly
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    1 month ago
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    No.Screw hateful people that rely on archaic prejudice to negatively judge anyone different from them.

    They're just cowards that will fade into obscurity the way things are going anyway.

    Ignore those douchebags & as long as you live & behave by the highest of societal standards,go wherever you like

  • reme_1
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    1 month ago

    Why would you give up having a happy life because you are scared. THis is 2019. Hell I came out in the 70s and we had no support, no protection, no famous people to look up to, certainly no gay people on tv shows that were admired, no gay centers or PFLAG.

    What are you afraid of? There will always be haters- as long as the churches keep preaching that we are disgusting sinners the general public will hate us. Get involved with the gay center. Get strong. Meet other people. There is strength in numbers. When you have the opportunity go march in the pride parade in a big city. You will feel like you are on top of the world. Before my mother came down with dementia I used to take her to the parades. She so enjoyed it. All the young men would come running up to her and hugging the little old lady with white hair. Stop being scared! If you are able to move, go to a place where there are a number of LGBT people and you will feel the pride. HUGS from a SENIOR lesbian

  • 1 month ago

    No. A majority of people aren't hateful, most are delightful and lovable. If you stay home, then the hateful ones get more power and more stronger, go out and be yourself

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    "Hateful"? Why do you say that criticism of your lifestyle is based on hatred?

    If a man is sinking into quicksand, is it not an act of compassion to give him a pull to safety?

    Quite similarly, to engage in the unnatural homosexual lifestyle is to take the path that leads to sin and eternal damnation. Why would we, as caring servants of God, sit back and allow a human to suffer eternal punishment without a chance to save himself from Hell?

    Heed the words of Christ. The homosexual is deceived by false statements and propaganda. His true nature has been manipulated by evil forces. He is a victim, of the serpent.

    Do not let yourself fall into the trap. God will pull you to safety if you reject sin.

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  • 1 month ago

    Unless you are a femmy man or a butch lezzy, no one is going to know you're gay.

    If you fit those categories and can't control your behavior, however, it's probably best to stay home.


  • 1 month ago

    Don't let them win, hold your head up high!!!

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