What’s the song I’m thinking of?

I listened to a song a while ago, and can’t find it on Spotify. I remember a few details: there’s a part where the sound goes back and forth between ears, the album cover is the knight from chess(the horse) but it’s a zebra, and I am almost completely positive the name of the song is voices(or at least contains the word). But, even with this information, I haven’t been able to find the song I’m thinking of. Maybe it got removed from Spotify, I don’t know. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please help me.


Name of the song is voices by 20syl, it’s not on Spotify anymore for some reason.

Update 2:

It’s not even off Spotify! If you search for 20syl, then go to their page, it’s right there. Just doesn’t show up when you search for the exact name of the song.

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