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They should make a jet drag race?

They got air plane races but I don't think jet drag races 

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    Out of the current operational jets it would be a race to the line between the Mig-31 and the F-15 Strike Eagle I guess.

    My money is on the Eagle, plus you wouldn't have to replace the engines for the next race.

    If you're talking about a race like Reno but in a straight line for jets, I suppose there are people rich enough to field something ex-military. With a few lazy million to spare you could field an F-4 or Mig-21 which would give good accounts of themselves. An EE Lightning would probably be the quickest that could realistically (at a stretch) be fielded - I think there is still an airworthy, or close to airworthy, model in Cape Town.

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      That would be cool sounds like you know your jets so if I was able to make this I would give you a job 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ridiculous. It wouldn't be a spectator sport because they'd soon be out of sight in any sort of straight-line race.

    Source(s): COMMON SENSE. Get some.
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    They've had jet drag race cars for years.

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    • Trump 2020
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      Just thought I'd throw that in for the benefit of those who never knew about it.

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