Are you able to add certain things to a brand new car when you lease/finance it?

in 2014 my friend financed a base model Jetta brand new red. However his model came with fog lights and LED turn signals but had hub caps. However, my other friend had a 2014 Jetta as well and had the middle trim and had no fog lights or LED turn signals but had aluminum alloy rims.

Can you add things like that to a car? I know at Honda if I wanted Fog lights on the middle trim they would ask me to upgrade entirely to the highest trim which i don't need, I just want the fog lights

Also like if I want white clothed seats instead of the black which is standard but I want to do it without moving up a trim or so

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    EVERY option that is part of a package is available separately from the package.

    The salesman will probably try to sell you the next higher trim level in any case, but there are EXTREMELY few options that REQUIRE more than the base trim level and NONE that require the highest trim level.

    That said, you may save by getting a higher trim level with features you won't use vs individually purchasing the options you want.

    Color NEVER requires a higher trim level.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i would ask the place you got the car from this question

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