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why are boys in japanese rock bands so feminine?

ive noticed a lot of boys in japanese rock bands can tend to be very feminine, and there is a lot of cross dressing in japan (example: hizaki from versailles, koichi from mejibray, KAYA) but im curious why its so popular to do that?  i dont find it weird or anything, i actually find it kind of attractive (im a girl) but i also would like to know if it's just a fashion choice or if they are actually gay?

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    Japanese male musicians that dress feminine are often associated with Visual Kei. This movement began in the 80s and reached its peak in the late 90s (still exist to this day but not as relevant). It is a movement involving androgeny, eccentric fashion and crossdressing. Notable famous Japanese bands that contributed to Visual Kei are X Japan, Shazna and Malice Mizer (amoung many more). The bands you have posted I would define as Modern Visual Kei Bands which are simple contributing to the movement established by their predecessors.

    Interesting to note, the Japanese heavy metal scene is also highly influenced by X Japan. Bands such as Gyze wear makeup as a way to pay homage to X Japan though not part of the Visual scene. In fact, it is very common the see some makeup on J-metal musicians (Take a look a Takayoshi Ohmura, Unlucky Morphues, Cross Vein, etc).

    Though, I do not believe the majority of Jrock musicians dress feminine or in Visual fashion anymore. Observe the most popular Jrock bands (One Ok Rock, Randwimps, Bump of Chicken), they are normal looking musicians that place high on music charts and play in massive stadiums.

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    Androgyny stopped being cool in the west when Nirvana came out, it must still be in style over there.

  • Anonymous
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    I don't notice any such thing. You are seeing things that are not there.

  • RockIt
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    In Japan, androgyny is huge. Look into the sub culture: jendaresu-kei which means genderless style.

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  • Seff
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    They ain’t gay, it’s a cultural difference and even Marty Friedman dresses like that too nowadays , influenced by Japanese bands fashion

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    not all of them are like that

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