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Hard-wiring cooker?

Just bought a used neff cooker. Old one was hardwired (along with hob) to a 30A (fused - not RCB) independent cooker circuit. Unfortunately my new cooker has a plug with a 1.5mm cable. What are my options? Installing like for like no problem, but cutting a plug off and hard wiring a 1.5mm cable with no 13A has me wary.

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    I am assuming this is only for a oven unit as it is very unusual for a hob to be fitted with a 13A plug. If this is the case you can install an additional 13A socket or 13A fused spur connected to the existing supply with 6mm (30A) cable and plug in or connect the oven into either of these..This is a common arrangement where a separate oven and hob unit is installed. If unsure, get a local electrician to look at it and advise.

    Source(s): Retired electrician.
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      Yes, just the oven unit. The hob isn't being replaced and will remain hardwired. Is this a definite no to hardwiring the oven using the 1.5mm cable? It's 2.3kw, so draw isn't too much. More concerned if something goes wrong with cooker and the 30A fuse not blowing leaving me with... A fire.

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    les is right ..this cooker is plugged into a standard socket ..NOT hardwired into a higher amp circuit

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    Call an electrician to install a plug.

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      Well done, Bill. Please don't vote

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