How is Persephone the “Goddess of Rebirth” as much as she is also “Goddess of the Underworld?”?

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    Depending on the version of the story, whether it's because she did it on purpose because she loved Hades or because he tricked her into doing so, eating underworld food meant she couldn't leave the Underworld, making her mother Demeter, goddess of harvest, miserable without her. So Zeus struck up a deal saying that since she only ate 6 pomegranate seeds, she need only stay 6 months with each side. So when she comes up, her mother is happy, and so are the plants. SO, she is more Queen of the Underworld as Hades' wife and the Goddess of Spring since that's what she represents.

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    She was an explanation for the seasons.  For every fall there is a spring for every winter there is a summer.  When Persephone leaves, she will come back!  She was a symbol of the seasons, ensuring that we wouldn't have any one season forever.  So she was the goddess of fall colors, leaves falling, the temperature dropping, etc. and also of spring and flowers and rebirth.  The Greeks realized that these were two sides of the same coin!

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    She was Hades' wife, and spent half the year with him in the underworld, and the other half making crops grow.

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