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Now that we know the invention of gun control started a world war, can we just rewind gun control to before 1938?

This thing has just gotten way out of control. At least until we have a pure evil detection device. We got God fearing men that cant buy a gun now days.


I guess I am just confused why so many people just jumped ship on the Genius of this country's founders "shall not be infringed"

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Gun control did not start a World War and was not a factor in Nazi Germany's rise to power.

    This is a myth which the gun lobby has pushed. In reality, the Nazis actually loosened gun laws somewhat from what they had been under the Weimar Republic, the pre-Nazi government of Germany.

    Moreover, the entire premise of this argument is nonsense. The premise is that if people had more access to guns then they could have stopped the Nazis. This is nonsense. People did try to stop the Nazis. Late Weimar Germany saw plenty of political violence, with lots of people, most prominently the Communist Red Front Fighters, trying to stop the Nazis with violence. It didn't work for the simple reason that the Nazis were better at using violence than their opponents were. Adding more guns into the mix wouldn't have stopped the Nazis, it would have just upped the body count. And once the Nazis came into power they had control of Germany's security forces and could, and did, put down any opposition which rose up. Red Front Fighers like future East German Leader Eric Honneker were rounded up and thrown into concentration camps. Again, guns wouldn't have changed this, it just would have upped the body count.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Home schooling has failed you.

  • 1 month ago

    Tell that to the victims of the mass shootings over the past year.  

  • 1 month ago

    There is no issue with the way you Americans are so obsessed with guns and with killing each other.

    In fact your obsession even exposes the terrorist groups for the lame bunch they are. If they had any brains rather than strapping a bomb to their children and sending them out to detonate and kill a hand full of people, a smart terrorist would set up a gun manufacturing business to make and sell guns so cheap that even the homeless can afford to be armed and defend them self.

    I suspect America could triple the annual death rate if they had access to cheap firearms. Currently its around 34,000 a year.

    A win for the terrorist movement with more deaths pa than they had ever imagined could be achieved in the old ways and their bank balance would be so big they could open their own bank.

    You see this is what your obsession with guns is really all about and why the governments have not stopped it. You are lining the pockets of big business while you and your children pay the ultimate price.

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  • jimmy
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    1 month ago

    As long as Americans are in the USA they have a 2nd amendment right. Once they leave the USA they have absolutely no constitutional rights.

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