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Should I (f16) dye my hair a darker brown?

Been bored of my hair for a good year but I m just too scared to do anything of people s judgement and what they would think. i really want to dye my hair from a dirty blonde to a dark brown/ almost black. i just really need the push to do it but I m really scared like idk if i will suit it. i have medium tone skin but leaning to a pale side, and have light brown eyes and i also do have dark eyebrows anyway so they will be fine. Someone help me decide pls

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  • You either have warm, cold or neutral skin tones. If you're pale and have cold skin tones, then darker colors can wash you out or look to harsh on you. Maybe go with a light brown and see if you like it.

    I wouldn't go darker then an espresso type of brown. If you have cold skin tones keep to the ashy tones. If you have warm skin tones then stick to chocolate or golden browns. With neutral skin tones, you can pull off any color.

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    Go for like a chocolate colour to start with, that is basically dark brown but a very warm shade. Light brown eyes and dark hair typically go very well together so you should be fine though.

    Source(s): Also f16
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