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The guy I like is physically mistreated by his father. What can I do?

He just hits him for everything, if he comes home late (even at 9 pm), if he answers back, if he doesn't give him the money he took from the bank (my boyfriend works but they just have one bank account). Not just with hands but also with a belt. He basically has to give him all the money and can keep 100$. He is often drunk after work and raises his voice making my boyfriend get mad and upset. Once his brother took the money and my boyfriend woke up cause he heard something,his dad woke up and beated him up mistaking him for the thief and not accepting his excuses. It's going on like this since he was 12, now he's 17. I have seen it myself how this man can turn violent because he has beated up my boyfriend to tears in front of me when he opened the door found me in his bedroom. He is just an old fashioned, middle age mentality man from some place in eastern europe and has never changed. I'm afraid for him. He has scars on his back and face due to his mistreatments. Running my finger on his scars makes me shiver knowing he has been dealing with this for years. What can he do? If we call social services, what will they do to him? Just talk to him or break the family apart?

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    Stay out of his bedroom! Good grief. Stay out of that house! Wise up.

    If they call social services then the Dad could end up in jail. Men with years of violent abuse to their children are rarely "talked to". So your bf is nearly a legal adult. I left home at 17, supported myself ever since. Your guy has a job. YOU don't need to do anything but encourage him to find a friend's couch he can sleep on (not yours) until he gets enough money to get a shared apartment with another guy (not you).

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    There's not really much you can do about this except perhaps report this to your school counsellor or to the authorities to investigate. Other than that it would cause major conflict with you and him through his family.

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