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Is there a dog breed that does not need to be walked?or at least walked once a day?I work 12 hours shift &2 hours commute three days a week.?

Is there a dog that can handle my schedule????


No need to be jerks, its a serious question, I am searching to find the right pet for me if any. Also I am looking up sitters for pets. So no need to this shitty behaviors that are happening in this shitty section

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    An honest opinion is you should try a cat, they like attention but not much. As long as you can feed it and change its litter box. You're good!

    • Katie1 month agoReport

      Not as simple as that. You still have to enrich the household, play with them, love of them, set boundaries with them, etc but they are less maintenance than dogs

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    From a university/part time working student that has a very unpredictable schedule, I find that it is possible to have a dog and give it a good life while working and being busy. I would recommend a small dog, one that could exercise itself in your home by playing vs needing a long run outdoors. Train it to use potty pads, and bathroom breaks won't be an issue. Get a grown older dog, not a puppy, since a grown dog will need less attention and stimulation in comparison. If you look around at shelters, you might can even find a good dog with a particularly independent streak, which will do well when it is alone for a while. Look up more independent dog breeds, and maybe consider getting two dogs, so they have a playmate. If not a second dog, get a whole lot of toys and maybe leave a tv or radio on for background noise, and really look into dog walkers to take it out during the day while you are gone. Avoid the more "intelligent" breeds, such as poodles, since the smarter the dog, the more bored it will get. To wrap it up, I would look for any easy going adult small breed, such as a shi tzu, yorkie, or pomeranian.

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      perhaps people and dogs who come into obedience classes aren't exactly the picture of contentment in the first place. People often go to such classes BECAUSE they're having problems and said problems are not necessarily the norm. Not everybody is a moron. No need to be so pessimistic.

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    Why a basset hound of course. I leave him alone 16 hours a day, in the coat closet. He's a bad boy! Very bad boy!!!

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      Judith just so you know he's trolling. He doesn't have a dog what idiot would leave their dog in the closet for 16 hours a day.

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    one from a toystore

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    Sounds like a dog is way out of your lifestyle. Maybe consider a pet house spider, very low maintenance. 10 minutes a couple times a week.

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    A stuffed, toy dog is the only one that would be good in that situation.

    Add: as someone who works mainly from home, my dog does not cope with being left for more than 2-3 hours at a time. I live in a rural town with a safe fenced yard and house has a doggie door so he has access to indoors and outdoors at will.

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    Nope. No such dog.

    At this point in your life, you do not have room for a dog & do it justice.

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    No. There is no dog that can be left alone for that period of time and not taken out. You'd need to pay a dog walker to come by at least two times during that period, and that's for a fully house-trained ADULT dog. A puppy would need to be taken out every hour or two.

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    If you're okay with having a dog that pees and poops in the house and chews things or barks and is generally unhappy because it's bored, then you don't need to take a dog for a walk. Most people would find it unacceptable to have a dog peeing in the house and chewing the furniture or barking all day. Other than that, they all need a walk or the equivalent daily. Since you only work 3 days a week, perhaps a dogsitter or walker is the answer. There are a number of breeds which can manage with minimal exercise. There are a number of breed selector tools on the internet. Try one of them. 'How to choose a dog breed' ought to find you one.

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    Don't get a dog. You're not home enough. They can't be left for 14 - 16 hrs. a day. A cat would be a better choice as they are more self-sufficient.

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