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any help? ?

I have really bad depression and an eating disorder, also a 1 year old son and working, everything is to much for me at the moment. Would my doctor put me on the sick for a while? is that bad?

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    You need your Doctor to help you and going on the sick is not a bad thing my friend, I do wish you well.

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    1 month ago

    You can definitely get signed off work by your doctor. Whether you'll get sick pay is down to your job, the hours you work and how long you've worked there. If you're not entitled to sick pay you would need to apply for Employment Support Allowance although in some areas this has been replaced with Universal Credits. You can also apply for housing benefit and council tax benefit from your local council. Please have a look at information on Personal Independence Payments online. You can claim this whether you're in work or you're on means tested benefits, if you do claim ESA or UC then the payments would go up as you'd be classed as disabled. It's worth getting advice from the Citizens' Advice Centre if you're unsure which benefits to claim.

    BTW I had a look through your previous questions and the symtoms you've described point to a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder aka emotionally unstable personality disorder. The only effective treatment for BPD/EUPD is dialectical behavioural therapy which is only available through secondary mental health services. If you're not currently under your local mental health team please ask your GP for a referral for an assessment.

  • mental disabilities are just as valid as physical disabilities, anyone who thinks different is a cretin, if you are unwell in the mind, see if you can get on sick benefits.

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