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relationship advice ?

my brother and his girlfriend just got into a pretty bad fight and might have broken up. he was talking to other girls on tinder while they were still together but never did anything, just talked, never saw each other. still bad but that’s it. his girlfriend found out because of a notification that came up and she said that he broke her heart. she is loosing his trust and isn’t certain if she will get back together with him. he loves her so much and he told me so much about her. he was at a rough mental state and hates himself for doing that to her. he apologized to her and expressed how deeply sorry and stupid he is. she truly is an amazing person and is different from any other girl i personally know. i know more of the story than she does and he told me most of it yesterday. she called him and said that he doesn’t believe that he didn’t hu with the girl therefore she really doesn’t know if they will get back together. she doesn’t want to talk to him either. should i text her asking if she wants to know more info and what he told me? if i do can someone tell me what i should say! side note: does anyone know if you can recover deleted messages on tinder :). 

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    Stay out of it. Stay 100% out of it. Both your brother and his (ex) girlfriend get to make up their own minds about this without any interference from you. Don't ride shotgun on other people's relationship!

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    This is not your relationship stay out of it. I hope she leaves him. He didn’t feel bad until he got caught. Who gives a **** about his side it’s probably bs anyway.

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    You need to stay out of his relationship. This is none of your business and she didn't ask for your opinion. She is just going to assume that your brother asked you to contact her and be even more angry that he ignored her wishes to be left alone.

    Being depressed isn't an excuse to cheat. If your brother is truly in a "rough mental state" that causes him to compulsively pursue other women, then he needs to stay single while he sees a therapist. His ex doesn't owe him another chance and you are wasting your sympathy on him. He made his choices and he needs to live with the consequences.

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