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How should I take a JW women( as in sex), she said she was down to it? ?

She has short brown hair with bright blue eyes, light skin. She is curvy and small. Big D cups. She told me about her religion, but she said that she doesn’t really care, that she just wanted a one time thing. Tho should I request anything from her? She has a big ***. How should I take her? I don’t really care about her religion tho, she says that women in her organization do it all the time, that they just are getting tired about being bossed by bald old husbands. She says that young girls end up marrying the elder, and have to please them in bed. She is marry to an elder but she says that she is tired of pleasing him in bed, the elder is 60 and she is 25. She says the elder has preferences which is the doggy style, and he doesn’t even last more than 2 minutes( according to her). She says that women do it all the time where she goes to her Kingdom Hall. She also says that sometimes when everyone is gone other group of elders make their wife’s have sex with them in the church itself(in the floor) making her say that “please forgive me father.” I don’t really care I just want to do it with her, she seems fine af. Do you think this is legit? 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Not a word of it. I've known Jehovah Witness' too. And don't believe a word of this story.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Still laughing. What's going to be a hoot is when the elders put you in the big paper grinder and smush you up to be colorful tracts to hand out door to door.

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