Why should children bear their father's name and not their mother's?

Some feminist consider it's sexist :-)

I used to talk about it with a group of friends, I have a friend who became a father very early, but both he and his girlfriend and now wife, despite adversity graduated from studies, which are free in my country.

They are quite liberal, my friend said that although he considers himself a progressive and is open to new things, he could agree on many concessions to his wife, could if the situation required it, give up his own career and look after children, but he does not imagine that his children did not bear his name


His wife also says so, but in the form of a joke, but in his opinion men in most cases do more demanding jobs, and statistically men live shorter than women, and, moreover, generally wives take away their entire salary anyway, so guys need some consolation prize :-)

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  • 2 months ago
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    Notice how it was "he could agree with points she made". I wonder if she could do the same for him? That being the difference between a male thinking "equality" and a woman thinking "equality". There's nothing wrong with that tradition and most woman wouldn't mind taking on her spouses name. XD

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    He's a sexist. The children came out of her. They should have her name.

    • PawełK19862 months agoReport

      His wife also says so, but in the form of a joke, but in his opinion men in most cases do more demanding jobs, and statistically men live shorter than women, and, moreover, generally wives take away their entire salary anyway, so guys deserve some consolation prize :-)

  • Bill
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    2 months ago

    If women want to take everything from men they will be left with nothing in return. Remember that.

  • 2 months ago

    I rather Bourgeois than Prude. Christopher Prude! Sounds so lame

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  • not
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    2 months ago

    People once only had first names. Obviously as our worlds grew we knew 20 Davids instead of just one, had to be confusing. When created some surnames related to where you were from, some from what you did for a trade. From there we just have to accept that men were the dominate animal for obvious reasons, not misogyny, so it makes sense that you join the man's clan. In that clan it makes sense that a new child would take that clans name. 

    We are past that today, men have created societies that rely on trade rather than hunting and chopping trees down to build their own shelter. So a woman doesn't join his clan but instead it's a simple union or she can easily exist without a man. The name change today is simply because that's what we do because that's what we've always done, nothing more or less.

    Seems unnessasary to change name today. A definite hassle for some people too. I know a woman with a business that is named after her surname, I would insist she didn't change her name. But the child thing is an interesting hurdle if we don't want to just do what we always have done. I guess some people may have to hash that one out if their society allows it. If I were married to the women mentioned above and offered the choice I would choose her name for my child as it has a value and mine does not. Heck, I'd probably want it for my name too. 

     Of course feminists say it's sexist, really what else would they say? I'm not impressed with the idea that my daughter might marry one day not have my name. I guess I will just accept it because that's what we do. I wonder if any feminist cares or has thought about that, you know MY feelings, or if they just prefer to keep toxic masculinity going strong? Of course they consider their feelings and nothing else. 

  • Zirp
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    2 months ago

    other than "tradition"?

    Because the other name is hard to pronounce, or has nasty(political) associations where you live

  • Silver
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    2 months ago

    My "name" is my father's. If I took my mother's last name, it would be my grandfather's. It's kind of too late to make this a real feminist thing. It begins to be more a thing whether both the parents want to fight to stamp this child as property of their families.... which is stupid and medieval. All last names are already male. Therefore, I personally wouldn't mind taking my husband's name and giving it to my kids.

  • 2 months ago

    I guess that depends on the country and its laws. Example: In Spain people bear two surnames, father's and mother's. Father's first. But, it's perfectly possible and legal to invert the order, so your mother's name would come first, and since most people use only one surname, Spaniards are thus allowed to use their mother's name as their main surname if they like. How do you like that? Viva España 🇪🇸 lol 👍😎

  • Brian
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    2 months ago

    There have been some men that took on their wife's respect last name. Especially if her name was more influential. It is the 21st Century and each couple can decided what is best for each of them on taking or not taking, or even hyphenating both names together as a compromise.

  • 2 months ago

    cause thats the way people have made it

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