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Share your crazy relationship/dating stories?

I'll go first.

There was this girl recently, she looks innocent, from the first two days she seemed super friendly and enthusiastic to chat to me, she even texted me first (but did mention that she usually doesn't do this for guys and that I should try and show interest in the chat). She even mentioned how her ex disrespected her and never listened to her and how she really wants a boyfriend who is very chill and will respect her.

Yet then, starting on the third day, she was starting to ignore some of my questions, and started showing more signs of lack of interest in the conversation. Fourth day she started complaining about the fact that she feels that she feels like she's talking to a moron (me) and I kept trying to talk it out peacefully, but she kept attacking with insults... and only after a bit of chatting back and forth, she then said "Let's forget about this :) I'll tell you next time if you sound like a moron again." so basically she didn't even tell me what I said wrong or what I did wrong. Now she seems like as if she hates me.

Thoughts? Any interesting stories you guys have? Join the circle.

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