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When a valid electron dot structure is written, how many double bonds will the molecule contain?

Can someone help me understand step by step how to do this problem. 

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  • Amy
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    10 months ago

    Each oxygen atom needs two bonds. Hydrogen needs one. Carbon needs four.

    Figure out which bonds are missing and add them to the drawing.

  • 10 months ago

    Two. You start with the functional groups and see if there’s any that you recognize right away. In this case, you see -COOH which is a carboxylic group. It has one double bond between the carbon and one of the oxygen. You see two in the sample so there’s 2 double bonds.

    Now go to the carbon and count how many bonds it has. All carbon must have 4 bonds. If you include the C=O bond, it has 4 bonds so it can’t have any more bonds. O-H has one bond.

    There’s nothing else so 2 double bonds.



    H - O - C - C - O - H

    Ignore the periods. They’re there to make things line up.

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