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Are most Americans closeted racist or just some in the U.S.?

This Pennsylvania teacher used racial slurs and was going on a racial rant over a fender bender to her car.  She must've been having a bad day, but that's still no excuse to go on a racial rant, I'm not sure what that's all about and she's a teacher too (or was now).  I can't believe she wasn't thinking about her job, and now she may not be able to find a teaching job, what an idiot.

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    racism has seriously decreased in the US, especially in recent decades, that may be hard to believe with how loud the racists are, but it's true, those who constantly spout their racist rhetoric make up about 20% of this country, even they think they are the majority because they are so loud, but they aren't

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    not everyone is racist, im not

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    Most Whites over the age 6 years old have used the 'n-word' (or at are least thinking it), that is if they been around blacks in real life and have seen then in action, not what they see on TV or TOLD in 'skoo' about how wonderful blacks are.

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    Why do SO many ignorant lefties not know the plural of "racist"?? RACISTS, not racist. Thank you

    And only a complete doofus judges 300 million people based on a few isolated incidents

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    1 month ago

    Are most liberals closeted racist or just some in the U.S.?

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      If you read the article, she didn't sound liberal at all.

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    It’s not most and it’s barely some. How’s that? I won’t even bother with the link. Liberals exaggerate the amount of racism in this country. It’s the only way Dems can survive as a party, pushing that stupid narrative to keep their voting base intact.

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      Funny how you say Liberals exaggerate when the teacher didn't sound like a liberal at all lol.

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    Racism died with the civil war.

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