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Can my girlfriend stay at my house (I have 2 brothers)?

I was wondering if there could be something wrong with having her at my place because I have 2 brothers (one is 12, the other is 20). I am 21, she is 17. I know she's a minor etc... but she's going through a lot and her parents don't care anymore. She cries the whole afternoon and her mom comes home and doesn't even ask her what's wrong. I just don't understand it. It would have been better if I had some sister to befriend her but I just have brothers. My parents agree with me taking her to our home except for the fact that they forbid sex (which is completely understandable for me, we haven't had relationships in that sense anyway). She will stay in the guest room. But I think it will be better if I can have a bed next to her, just in case she cries at night (which happens reallt often) so I can hold her hand. My brothers are good people and they will just, be like brothers to her. She has actually anyone, not even close relatives, she grew up alone. I have a humble but really tight family. My parents are worried about her and they haven't asked her questions at all. They have already let her stay with me, but this time she will stay for some days, and even sleep, which never happened before. Her parents are against but they gave the permission, even because they saw she needs me so bad, and she needs people who can love her. I am judt afraid about my brothers, how will they react with her being with us. I have a dog too, and she loves the puppy, won't stop cuddling him.


Her face lights up when she holds the dog in her arms. If looks like she'll heal... I will do whatever I can to help her, my family, the dog, I'll give her all the warmth she needs. I am just afraid about the fact that it's all a new thing, a change and that can scare her. I am constantly worried about her being in a house full of men (me and my brothers). At the end it will always be better than being alone

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    I usually wouldn't suggest bringing a teenager to a house full of guys, I actually dont even know if that is possible. What you're trying to do is good, but don't forget that she is a minor and she'll always need her parent's permission.

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    No. Not if it means you have to stay in the same room to hold her hand and comfort her if she cries. Absolutely not. At 17, she can leave her parent's house if she wants to (I did) and learn to begin to develop a grown up life. Moving in with you and your parents and your brothers so you can share a bedroom, hold her hand all night and comfort her when she cries is treating her like a LITTLE girl. Better she couch surfs with a couple of girlfriends and learns to deal with herself than be your little wounded bird that needs you to hold her hand while she cries. For how long do you think she's going to be crying? She needs new life skills. It doesn't sound like she'll learn them living with you. So, No.

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    I think it's a good idea. Your brothers might be annoyed by her emotions, but you have a guest room for her soo it shouldn't bother them. if she's only staying a few days there's really no reason to find a problem with it.

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    This is between your folks, her folks and her at this point. Your brothers will just have to cope.

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    If she is a runaway or does not have parental permission to stay at the house, you are all going to be in a world of legal trouble for harboring a runaway. Word.

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