What should I do?  Any thoughts are welcome I just don’t know how to feel about everything.?

I have been with someone for 2 yrs. He is my best friend. When we are together I have the most fun & feel like I can just be myself. We R similar but different in some reallycool ways. This summer we both havent been ourselves & are more unhappythan usual. I think it mainly becuz we both have some growing to do & are starting to realize we need to change-

we don’t like where we are in life. We are bothyoung 20/22. We decided to go on a break recently. But although we had some space for a bit we have been seeing each other again. I know we love each other so much & since we’ve been seeing each other again things have been goodbetween us. I been working on myself & my life lately & have recently realized just how much I need to change.  Im trying to start therapy. Im in the middle of pursuing a degree in college & nextsummer might need to move 3 hours away he is probably going to stay here. I know I won’t be ready to get married at least for a few years becuz him & I both have so much more growingup to do. I guess I’m wondering if it’s possible for us to stay together through everything? I don’t

want to end us bcuz I’ve never met anyone like him I adore him. When we were going strong we were around each other so much I feel like it stunted our growth. Now that we have more space I feel like I can and have to work on myself more.But I don’t want to stop seeing him is there a way for me to do college have more friendships and work on myself while being in a longterm relationship?

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